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When can I tell if I am having a boy or girl?

At your second scan, the sonographer may be able to see if your baby is a boy or a girl.

Tell them if you would like to know - and tell them too if you don’t want to find out until the birth.

The point of the scan is to check the health and growth ...

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What are the scans looking for in pregnancy?

At 8 to 14 weeks
The first scan:

- confirms the estimated due date by looking at your baby's size
- can see if you're having more than one baby
- may be used with a nuchal translucency scan to check the risk of the baby having Down's syndrome, Edwa...

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How do ultrasound scans work?

An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to show your baby on a screen.

During the scan, you lie on an examining table. The scanner (sonographer) will spread a gel over your tummy and then roll a small scanning device around the area where the gel is. This sends picture...

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What do you need to think about in preparation for your ultrasound?

Maternity notes - make sure you take your notes with you, this is vital so your sonographer can write down all the important information that your midwife or health visitor may need to see.

Comfortable loose clothing - your son...

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Why may you have an early scan at 6 weeks?

This only usually is the case if you have experienced bleeding or spotting early on in your pregnancy, even though this can be a common symptom, they offer an ultrasound just to rule out potential miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

This scan may also be...

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What is the dating scan for?

This scan is to calculate how far along in your pregnancy you are and to determine an estimated due date for your baby’s arrival. This will not be the guaranteed date but will be a rough guide of when you can expect to go into labour.

This will also show whether you...

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Unlike a 2D scan where you are told to drink litres of water just before the allocated time, 3D and 4D pregnancy scan requires you to drink plenty of water in the couple of weeks prior to the scan. This will ensure that the fluid around the baby is clear and make it possible to have a really clea...

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The machinery used to perform 3D and 4D pregnancy scans are very similar in appearance to the ultrasound machines which doctors have used for decades. You will need to make sure that you are laying comfortably, after all, you need your first meeting with your unborn child to be as comfortable as ...

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If you are interested in a 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound then you need to check whether your usual medical practitioner can offer the service. Very often it is not the case but there are plenty of clinics available where you can have a 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound scan. Make sure that you choo...

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a week ago
I booked for a gyno/fertility check scan, due to ongoing problems and not finding any clarity from the doctor. The receptionist was so warm and welcoming. The waiting room area was lovely, so relaxing. I signed paperwork and went in for my scan. Cynthia was so welcoming and lovely. We completed my scan she was extremely informative and talked us though everything she saw. Once the scan was complete she wrote me a report to be sent to my doctors and we went away with so much information and a step closer to getting sorted. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
6 months ago
Booked a well being scan as the lockdown happened they were very professional and being an anxious mother I wanted to check my babies health and found out I was expecting my 1st girl after 2 boys the lady was very thorough and showed ever little detail thank you so much couldn’t fault them again will happy book again thank you so much everything and explaining it all to me. Also very reasonably priced making it possible for us to book in the first place
- Mitzi M
6 months ago
we visited when I was 8 weeks & now went back when I was 16 weeks. The most calming atmosphere & amazing people who work there. I suffer with anxiety & knowing how reassured they made me feel made it so much better. I can not recommend them enough. Absolutely amazing experience with the most lovely staff. Thank you so much again ♡
- natasha d

Early Pregnancy, Gender & 4D Baby Scans

Quick Gender scan:
<br>17 Weeks Quick Gender Scan
<br>Duration varies • £39 Weekdays / £45 Evenings/Weekends
<br>This is a competitively priced 10 minute Gender scan that is conducted in 2D.  This scan can be carried out from 17 weeks.  Please take a look at our website for more details
<br>16 Week 3D/4D Gender Scan
<br>Duration varies • £71 Weekdays / £79 Evening/Weekends
<br>We offer this 2D/3D/4D gender scan from 16 weeks, and we also check and report on your baby's growth during this scan.  Please check our website for more information:
<br>Early Viability Scan
<br>Duration varies • Internal 6-8 weeks £89 Weekdays /£99 Evening/Weekend External 8-12 weeks £71 Weekdays/ £79 Evenings/Weekends
<br>Early Viability/Dating scan from 6 weeks.
<br>Between 6-8 weeks the scan is conducted internally.
<br>From 8 weeks onwards the baby can normally be seen through the tummy
<br>Just A Peek 23-36 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £71 Weekdays / £79 Evening/Weekends
<br>Take a Quick Peek at your baby in 3D/4D. You will receive 3 B&amp;W pics and 1 Colour pic. Baby's growth is also checked. There is no free rescan with this option if we cannot get the images we hope to.
<br>Group Strep B Screening from 35 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £49 Weekdays / £59 Evenings/Weekend
<br>Strep B infections in New-borns are rising, and can potentially prove fatal. We screen you to see if you are carrying Strep B, so you receive antibiotics to avoid passing this to your baby during birth
<br>Heart Beat Bear Package 16-40 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £39 Weekdays / £45 Evenings/Weekends
<br>In this 10 minute appointment, we will record your baby's heartbeat and place it in a teddy. We have 6 teddies to choose from including pink, blue and brown bears, a cute dog and a cuddly rabbit.
<br>2D Scan 28-40 weeks
<br>Duration varies • £89 Weekdays / £99 Evenings/Weekends
<br>The Growth scan is to check and report the progress on baby’s measurements, and development of internal organs. A full check is conducted.
<br>Reassurance Scan 14-20 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £62 Weekdays / £69 Evenings/Weekends
<br>This scan is aimed at people experiencing issues during their pregnancy. This could be pain/bleeding or anxiety. You must have already had a previous scan in the pregnancy ( NHS or Private).
<br>Cherished Moments DVD Pack 26-32 Weeks

<br>Duration varies • £108 Weekdays / £120 Evenings / Weekends
<br>During this 30 min appointment we will show you 3/4D images of your baby and record a DVD for you. You will also receive 4 B&amp;W pics and a full report &amp; growth check on your baby.
<br>Cute Moments CD Pack 26-32 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £108 Weekdays / £120 Evenings / Weekends
<br>In this 30 min appointment we'll show you 3/4D images of baby and record a CD for you, and  you will receive 4 B&amp;W pics and a report &amp; growth check on your baby
<br>Magical Moments Pack 26-32 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £135 Weekdays / £150 Evenings/Weekends
<br>Includes a DVD+CD+USB stick with all your scan images. You will also receive 5 B&amp;W and 2 Colour Pics. We also check your baby's growth and provide a report. See  our website
<br>Precious Moments Pack 26-32 Weeks
<br>Duration varies • £199 Weekdays / £225 Evening/Weekends
<br>Includes DVD+CD+USB, Heartbeat bear, Keepsake box, Keyring, Magnet, Coaster, 6 B&amp;W pics  and 2 Colour Pics plus a video created of your images to music of your choice. Growth check and report included
<br>IONA Screening from 10 weeks
<br>Duration varies • £439 Weekdays / £449 Evenings/Weekends
<br>This advanced screening takes a blood sample from the mother, to analyse the baby's DNA.The screening looks for serious genetic conditions as well as identifying the gender of the baby if you wish.
<br> Prenatal Screening
<br>Duration varies • £469 weekdays / £479 Evenings/weekends
<br>From 10 weeks - a blood sample is taken from the mother to analyse your baby's DNA. The test screens for serious genetic conditions and can also identify the gender of the baby if you wish.

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